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What with technology and all, fewer people hand write notes, letters or even grocery lists.  Nonetheless, handwriting analysis is a fascinating topic.

Here’s what Handwriting Analysis doesn’t reveal:

– the future

– a person’s sex or age

Here’s what Handwriting Analysis can reveal:

– indications of basic character traits, talents, skills, attitudes

– hints about current moods, stresses


The hand (or toes or mouth or armpit)  holding the writing instrument is guided by the brain.  During this action it is inevitable that the mind and mood will influence the writing.

What is most telling is how a person’s writing differs from the writing they were taught (for us old folks: copybook).  For example, a person who combines cursive and print writing is versatile and tends to be willing to combine old and new ideas.  Which letters and letter combinations the writer chooses to print and which to cursive reveals still more.  In future posts we will learn these exciting details.


There is much to learn!  Stay tuned for future lessons on handwriting analysis.



Posted January 21, 2012 by Lynn in handwriting analysis

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